Internship Advising Program

In line with the mission of quality internships and integrated academic and practical know-how, students are guided by Internship Faculty Advisors (IFAs) who are their core support system from the College whilst on internship. These IFAs help in equipping the interns with the necessary guidelines in achieving high quality results from their internship placements.

The Internship Faculty Advising Program (IFAP) was established to provide mentorship to students during their internship.

Principles and Guidelines for Advisors:

  • An IFA is a full time or adjunct faculty with background on hospitality, culinary, business, technology, and/or entrepreneurship background/s.
  • IFA aids the intern in defining his learning objectives, timeline and goals but is not responsible for facilitating program logistics.
  • IFA assists the intern in developing a greater understanding about his career options while defining personal career goals during the internship.
  • IFA helps and advises the intern during challenging situations faced while on internship.
  • IFA monitors and discusses intern’s progress and activities during the internship measured against the defined learning objectives.
  • IFA evaluates and grades the intern based on the student’s reports and presentations.
  • IFA does not contact the Industry Partner unless deemed outmost necessary and upon the approval of the Head of Office of Career Services.
  • IFA is bound to a confidentiality agreement wherein all reports submitted by the students should not be shared nor discussed with any other intern, faculty member and the likes unless approval is granted by the Head of OCS.

Processes for Internship Faculty Advising

  • Students with confirmed internship placements are to enroll their internship subject/s with the Registrar’s Office (RO). While doing so, the student also chooses his/her IFA from the roster of names identified by the section heads.
  • RO is to monitor sign up numbers as IFAs are only allowed to handle 10 students at a maximum for a semester. This is on top of their extension internship advisees if and when applicable.
  • Once enrollment has commenced, RO is to provide IFA a list of students who signed up under their advising. RO is to copy OCS with the complete list as well.
  • OCS is to conduct a briefing to the said IFAs regarding advising procedures and expectations. OCS will advise IFAs on the schedule of the same.
  • IFA to meet the intern before leaving for his/her internship in order to discuss his/her internship training plan and pathing.
  • In cases wherein interns have left for their internship assignment prior to having a discussion with his/her IFA, IFA can then get in touch with the intern via email or ideally a skype meeting to discuss his/her internship training plan and pathing. This should happen within the 2 weeks that the student has started his/her internship.