College of Business Administration, Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Economics

Marketing Management

Operations/Business Process Management and Consulting

Finance and Wealth

Technology Management

Internship II (400 Hours minimum)

Internship 1

ITP 260 – Enterprise Systems Analysis and Design
ITP 290 – Enterprise IT Project Management
ITP 300 – Information Systems Planning

Business Administration

Internship II (400 Hours minimum)

This internship program is geared towards synthesizing management principles and applying it in the workplace. Students should already be exposed to supervisory responsibilities and/or are capable to handle short-term projects.

Taken in the Senior Year. Pre-requisites include all required subjects and completion of the first internship.

Major in Marketing Management
Internship I
MM1 Fundamentals of Marketing Management
MM4 Listening to the Customer
MM5 Advertising
MM6 Professional Selling
MGT 480 Strategic Management & Leadership