About the Program

Internship 1

Internship 1 exposes the students to the overall workings of the industry in an entry-level position. This internship is ideally taken between the students 2nd and 3rd year.

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Internship 2

Internship 2 synthesizes the management learnings of the student. This course involves supervisory skill training in the students industry of study. This course is normally taken during the students Junior or Senior year prior to graduation.

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Finding your Own Internship

Students are not limited to the opportunities provided by the school’s industry partners but have the option of sourcing an internship in the company they choose. They may also opt to discuss with the Office of Career Services about their targeted companies for joint sourcing.

To outsource your own internship please follow the steps:

Step 1: Create Your Wish-List! Research!

In making your wish-list, consider what you are passionate about. Research on the organizations/companies that are aligned with those passions. Get in touch with them to see if they’re looking for interns.

Their websites might not say that they accommodate interns, so you might want to research further using your personal network or social media gateways such as LinkedIn for the Human Resources Departments’ contact details or the direct supervisors of the departments you would like to intern for.

Step 2: Prepare your CV, Cover Letter and SparkHire Video Profile

In order to get that sought after internship position, you need to arm yourself with a unique and well organized resume plus a very compelling cover letter. Resumes should be tailor fit to the position you are applying for. The information highlighted in this document should show why you are the best candidate for this internship. The cover letter, on the other hand, should convince the reader why they should choose you amongst all of the candidates. Again, this should be tailored fit to the requirements of the position seek for. Lastly, make sure you film your SparkHire profile video and send in the link along with your CV and cover letter. This will give you competitive edge against the other applicants as your profile video lets your target employers to get to know you in advance. For more information on SparkHire, click here.

Step 3: Send those Hail Marys!

Now that you know the companies you want to intern for, and that you are armed with your resume and cover letter, it’s now time to send those applications out!
Make sure you send the email application to the right contact person with their correct name and accurate designation. This is basic information that you should never screw up. An error on any of these, would mostly likely not have you land in an interview.

Step 4: Report to the Office of Career Services (OCS)

Once you’ve sent out those application emails, make sure you inform OCS of the companies you’ve gotten in touch with. In case you have already been extended interviews for you to attend, you may opt to request for a mock interview with OCS in order to practice before the actual one.

Step 5: Submit necessary documents to OCS

Once you have a confirmed placement, submit your (1) Offer Letter from the company, (2) Training Plan and (3) Corporate Profile to OCS for approval.

Step 6: Attend the Readiness Seminar with OCS

This seminar will provide you with the last minute reminders and information needed prior to deployment

Step 7: Enrollment

Don’t forget to enroll in the internship course at the Registrar’s office. Without the enrolled subject, no credit will be granted.