Internship Report

The Internship Report is the culmination of the student’s internship experience. The report allows the student to internalize their experiences as well as provide insight and suggestions about the company they worked with.

The report is presented to the internship adviser and assessed by both the adviser and the Office of Career Services.

Upon completion of your internship program, you are required to submit a report in the form of a blog post detailing your work experience, living experience/ adjustment to culture and how the internship has affected your course of study and career path. You may use the following guide questions as you write about your experience:
1. Describe your position in the company and the role you played within the team.
2. Describe how you felt on your first day compared to your last day.
3. What were your top challenges and accomplishments during your internship duration?
4. After this internship, how has your career mindset been affected?
5. Can you see yourself working in the company or industry right after graduation?
6. Did you feel that the classes taken at Enderun prepared you for your internship?
7. Would you say the internship program helped you discover what you like and what you don’t like?
A cover page should be provided with the following information:

(A sample cover page will be provided below)

– Complete Name
– Course and Major
– Class of 20xx (expected graduation date)
– Training Company’s Name, City, Country
– Department
– Supervisor’s name and position
– Internship Duration Dates

Please follow the format and content guidelines. Save your internship report as a .pdf document as follows: internship_lastname_firstname

The weekly journals allow you to see your progress throughout the duration of your internship. Once you look back at your first week you will see how much you have grown. The weekly journals should include the following information:
– Tasks for the week
– Any major challenges
– Any major accomplishments
– Observations about work ethic, management styles, task load, environment, etc.
– Anything else that makes the week interesting
The thank you letters to the property or your supervisor will be sent to properties to show a holistic guidance of their experience. Here are some guide questions in writing the letter:
1. What was your biggest take away from the experience?
2. How did your supervisor give you the lessons and experience needed for the future?
3. What is one good memory that will always stay with you?
The letter to future interns is targeted towards helping future students determine their internship property and location. Each experience is different but an intern’s perspective make a greater impact. Here are some guide questions in writing the letter:
1. Tips on everyday survival (ex: transportation, friendly restaurants/pubs/diners, grocery stores, key words and phrases to know)
2. Include a rundown on a typical day as an intern; property dos and don’ts.

The Internship Video should encompass your experience within 3- minutes. The video can consist of both videos and pictures from your experience, on and off the job experiences as well as short interviews with the people you encounter daily.

Save your video as a .mov file and name the document as follows: internship_lastname_firstname

– 10 high resolution working photos (Inform the Office of Career Services right away if pictures are not allowed)
– 10 high resolution non-working photos
This certificate should include the following details:
1. Property logo or printed on the official letterhead
2. Total number of completed hours and/or duration
3. Signed by Supervisor or Property Management

Two completed evaluations forms should be submitted.

(downloadable template)


Send all internship requirements via email to the Office of Career Services at:


Please note that hard copies may be required by your adviser but is NOT required by the Office of Career Services.


Deadline for submission of the report is the last day of the semester upon your return.

Failure to submit your report on the stipulated deadline will automatically translate into a grade of FAIL. Students may formally request for an extension which may be granted at the discretion of your Internship Advisor and/or the Office of Career Services. Note that that the burden of proof is on the student to prove whether an extension is warranted or deserved.

The Office of Career Services will assess your report and let you know if it has been approved. Should your report not meet expected standards, the report must be revised and re-submitted. When all requirements have been submitted to the Office of Career Services, the Registrar will be informed that you have fulfilled Enderun Colleges’ Internship Requirement and the internship grade, given to you by your internship advisor, will appear on your final transcript.


For sample internship reports submitted by previous interns, you may click here.