• For culinary students, the most popular international destinations include France and the USA.
  • For hotel administration students, the most popular international destinations include USA, Hong Kong, Spain, Portugal, and South Korea.
  • For business students, the most popular international destinations include USA and Hong Kong.
Outsourced internships are processed with companies we are not currently partnered with. Due to that, obtaining the necessary requirements such as Training Plan, Company Profile and Offer Letter must be the responsibility of the student. The office will be coordinating the agreements with property after placement has been made.
Culinary students are allowed to combine Internship 1 and 2 in the same semester. Other majors are encouraged to place at least one semester of academics between internships.
At anytime during the internship process, you can approach any member of the Office of Career Services. During the internship you may approach your internship adviser as well for tips, advise and guidance.
Since your internship is a graded course, your internship advisor serves as your professor. He/she ensures that you are prepared, guided and supported while completing your internship.
Your internship grade is a compilation of your regular updates with your adviser, your supervisor's evaluation and your internship report content and details.
As a student, the best way to build your CV is to join student organizations and be active on campus. Don't just be a member, be a leader! Enderun offers a lot of volunteer opportunities that are great resume boosters.
The main difference between a Curriculum Vitae (CV) and resume is the length. A resume is a brief description of your accomplishments and skills not more than two pages while a CV is more in depth and can be beyond two pages.
Yes! Definitely! The Office of Career Services provides resume writing workshops along with resume consultations and editing. Schedule an appoint with a Career Services team member and start building your resume.
Stipend varies depending on the location and package from the property.
Applications for your internship should be 1 semester before you plan to enroll in the course. If you are unsure when to plan your internship, stop by the office and we can help you plan out your next 4 years!
Internship Opportunities are presented on our social media accounts, our student portal or announced through the office via email and school bulletins.
For the full list of eligibility requirements, click here.
Yes! The Office of Career Services will assist you in collecting your requirements and will provide certain documents that may be needed by the employer or for visas such as endorsement letters or recommendation letters.
The Office of Career Services provides various programs and seminars that are designed to help you prepare for your internship including:
  • Resume Writing Workshops
  • Mock Interviews
  • LinkedIn Seminars
  • Networking Opportunities
  • And much more depending. Click here for more information.
Packages and inclusions vary depending on the property or country. The possible inclusions may be:
  • Allowance / Stipend
  • Accommodation
  • Duty Meals
  • Transportation Allowance
  • Uniform
  • Flights
  • Paid Leaves
All students are required to obtain a training visa, internship visa, or work visa depending on the destination country. Please check here for more information.
Amount of money needed during your deployment will depend on the following factors:
  • Package offered by the property
  • Destination
  • Rent
  • Duration of internship
For sample budgets please see here.
The Office of Career Services provides Mock Interviews and tips in the resources section.
International internships do not equate to better. It all depends on your personal capabilities and career path. International internships do provide a new outlook on your career and different type of challenge. To know more about which one is best for you visit our office!
Yes! The minimum GPA to enroll in an international internship is a 2.0 while the minimum GPA to enroll in a local internship is a 3.0. If you GPA does not meet the requirement you may appeal to the Office. Your grades may also be sent to the employers which may affect their decisions.
Properties use the following:
  1. Student's Resume
  2. Student's Cover Letter
  3. Student's SparkHire Video Profile
  4. Student's Interview
  5. School's Recommendation
After your internship has been completed students must submit an internship report along with particular documents from their property. For the complete list please see Internship Requirements.