Up, Up, and Away: Internship Fair 2019

This coming October 29th, we’re taking flight as we have Up, Up, and Away: Internship Fair 2019. Everyone is encouraged to join as we have students from different levels and courses sharing their own internship experiences. Your Internship is your very own adventure. Let your dreams take flight! RSVP Here: Stay tuned for more details. #UpUpAndAway #InternshipFair2019

October 29, 2019   |   More Information

January 2020 Internship Seminar

The first step in applying for an internship is to attend the mandatory Overview and Offering Seminar. Here, we will be introducing the internship programme as well as the myriad of properties you can explore for January 2020.

October 21 & 25 2019   |   More Information