Success Series

Success Series is an event that brings noted entrepreneurs, business leaders, hospitality movers and political figures to Enderun Colleges for informal talks about their lives, management styles and success strategies. This affair employs a talk-show style format that goes beyond educating for students in a global metaphor and preparing them for successful careers in their chosen fields. It exposes promising young men and women, in a relatively informal setting, to inspiring, aspirational figures, who exemplify strong entrepreneurial, business and civic virtues.

Past speakers include: Aftab Ahmed, Country Head and Citi Country Officer of Citi Philippines; Fabia Bueno, General Manager of Philips; Jaspar Weir and Bryce Maddock, Founders of TaskUs; Miguel Garcia, CEO of DTSI Group; Charmaine Uy, Senior VP of Daiichi Properties and Development, Inc; Jerome Ong, President of CDO Foodsphere Inc; Nonoy and Chris Quimbo, Founders of Novellino Wines; Dino Ignacio, UI/UX Lead of Facebook and Oculus;

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