BS International Hospitality Management: Hotel Administration

A bellhop escorts incoming hotel guests to rooms; assists with luggage; offers information about available services and facilities of hotel and entertainment attractions and inspects guest’s room to make sure things are satisfactory.

A bar manager is an individual who directs, controls, and plans the activities of a bar. They handle the hiring, purchasing, and operations of the bar.

The Cabin Steward is responsible for cleaning a certain number of rooms onboard the ship. This includes changing sheets, windows, bathrooms, floors etc. In some cases the Cabin Steward is responsible for cleaning public areas, which can include conference rooms and banquet halls.

Casino management jobs are limited to areas where gambling is legal. This can limit the jobs in your area for employment. However, casino management can be one of the most lucrative positions in the hospitality field. With this increase in income also comes added responsibility. Casino managers are responsible for the smooth operation of the facility. They are also in charge of customer relations, facility management, employee relations, and the added responsibility of security. Since casinos have large sums of money circulating the casino floor at any time, casino managers have the added responsibility of security over the money against con artist and thieves.

A Food & Beverage Manager forecasts, plans and controls the ordering of food and beverages for a hospitality property. He also manages the finances related to the whole process of purchasing food and drink for the hotel premises. “Purchasing” includes sourcing, ordering and transporting of F&B.

The Front Office Supervisor oversees the front office team members to ensure efficient and smooth operations for producing excellent feedbacks and guest satisfaction. Responds in a professional and courteous manner to guests by providing accurate and timely information and services. You will also ensure hotel charges are processed diligently to guest’s accounts, invoices are accurate, billing instructions are verified, all necessary supporting bills and vouchers are attached for direct settlements.

Event coordinators control an event from conception to clean up. They meet with clients to work out event details, plan with the client and their team, scout and book locations, food, entertainment, staff and cleanup. Event coordinators make sure the shrimp cocktail stays cold and the hired band stays hot. They create budgets and stick to them, as well as organize transportation, hire and wrangle keynote speakers or celebrities, hire A/V teams and equipment, and generally make sure the event runs smoothly, efficiently and handle any crisis that may come up.

The General manager is responsible for all the aspects of operations at the hotel, to day-to-day staff management and guests. He/She should be an ambassador for the brand and your hotel. Provide leadership and strategic planning to all departments in support of our service culture, maximized operations and guest satisfaction. They also work very closely with the hotel owners and other stake holders.

An Executive Housekeeper manages the priorities and establishes and/or implements operating procedures and standards. The Executive Housekeeper also completes financial management tasks, such as setting and adhering to a budget. Furthermore he/she supports their staff and performs the duties of a housekeeper when required. An Executive Housekeeper also needs human resource management skills such as hiring, training, scheduling and evaluating performance of his/her team.

Also known as the head waiter, the maitre d’ assigns customers to tables; makes advance reservations; oversees all aspects of the dining room experience for patrons; makes sure all waiters are doing their jobs effectively.

As a resort manager, your job will include managing all segments of a resort, including lodging, food and beverage management, human resources, housekeeping, attractions, and guest services. You’ll be in charge of employees, finances, customer service, promotions, and quality control. Resort managers often have to work nights and weekends, putting in long hours to ensure the success of their establishment.

The Room Service Manager is in charge of room organizing, management and administration and all operational aspects for the In- Room dining department. Maintain high quality products and service levels. He/she is expected to market ideas to promote business, reduce employee turnover; maintain revenue and payroll budgets; and meet budgeted productivity while keeping quality consistently high.

As the Supervisor of Guest Services, you may be responsible for hiring staff members that provide housekeeping services, front desk personnel, reservations coordinators, or concierges. All of these duties depend on what kind of hotel you are working for and the structure it has in place. Some large hotels have separate guest services departments that primarily answer the phone and make sure guests have what they need. At this kind of hotel, you would be supervising that department, making sure it was staffed and running smoothly.

The Wine Steward/Sommelier is the wine professional at a food and beverage establishment. He/She often answers questions about wine history, making, products and vineyards. He/She also makes suggestions for food pairing or based on the individual customer’s preference.