Application Process

Seminar 1: Overview and Offering Seminar

The Overview and Offering Seminar is REQUIRED for all students planning to take their internship the upcoming semester. The seminar occurs 3-4 months before the start of each semester. It aims to explain to all students the internship application process, eligibility in applying for an internship, pre requisites for each level of internship, expectations and limitations of the program. This seminar orients all students on how to maximize their training experience by aligning themselves with Industry Partners that reflect their interests and passion. Tips are given on how to identify the properties that might be a good match for their internship. The Seminar discusses, in detail, the internship openings, both local and international, along with the program duration and package inclusions.

  • For First Semester Internships (August) – February to March
  • For Second Semester Internships (January) – October to November
  • For Summer Semester Internships (June) – February to March

The Internship Application Process includes attending the seminar and being cleared by the following departments through our online database:

  • Cashier
  • Registrar
  • Guidance Office
  • Prefect of Discipline

This also includes the submission of the internship waiver.

Submission of Documents

After attending all the seminars and being cleared by each department, students must submit their CVs, cover letters, complete their Sparkhire profile video and indicate their preferred openings to the office. This is all done online via an online application form.

SparkHire: Video Interviewing

Students are provided with an opportunity to utilize Spark Hire, a video interviewing software ,that allows employers to preview the applicants before requesting for a face-to-face interview. Students are provided with various questions and an opportunity to record their answers. Students may come to the office in order to provide high quality videos.

Application Submissions

Once the submission of CVs, cover letters and SparkHire videos are completed by the student, the Office of Career Services submits the student’s application to the various openings. The Office is very hands on in coordinating with the various companies and the students.


Students are often provided with the results of their application between 1-3 weeks. It is expected that international placements may take a week or two longer to hear from. Once students are accepted, there are a few more steps required for finalization including:

  • Contract signing
  • MOA submission
  • Visa requirements (for international placements)
  • Visa appointments (for international placements)
  • Preparing for the Readiness Seminar
Seminar 2: Readiness Seminar

Also called the Pre-Deployment Orientation, the Readiness Seminar is given to students once they received a confirmed placement. The Seminar informs students of the Internship Guidelines and Requirements per level of Internship Program and final reminders. These include the following:

  • Internship Reporting Guidelines
  • Internship Adviser Selection
  • Enrollment Slips
  • Information on proper decorum, attitude & legal rights of students/interns in the work place
  • Commitment Forms and Medical Test Endorsements are provided
  • For international placements, visa requirements are discussed

Don’t forget to enroll in the internship course with the Registrar along with enlisting your internship adviser. Without completing these tasks, your internship will not be credited.

For a visual guide of our process, you may access our Internship Process Infographic here.

Visa Requirements
  1. Fill out the convention de stage
  2. Submit the following requirements to OCS via e-mail for the approval of the convention:
    1. Passport copy
    2. Insurance
    3. Transcript of records
    4. Certificate of enrollment
    5. Accomplished convention de stage
    6. Attestation letter from OCS
  3. While waiting for the approved convention de stage, student must start collating the following documents for visa application:
    1. Application form
    2. Photo
    3. If not national of country of residence, provide proof of legal residency
    4. Travel document valid 6 months after the internship end date
    5. Proof of accommodation
    6. Proof of financial means for the duration of internship
    7. Insurance
    8. Offer letter
    9. Birth certificate
    10. Certificate of enrollment
    11. Transcript of records
    12. Attestation letter
  • Upon receipt of the approved convention de stage, student may already schedule an appointment with the Embassy
  • OCS will check the documents of the student one week before the appointment
  1. Once student has been accepted by a company in the States, the placement agency will ask them for a list of requirements they need to submit for their visa sponsor.
  2. The visa sponsor will then provide the following documents that are necessary for their visa application:
    1. Training plan / DS 7002
    2. Certificate of eligibility / DS 2019
  3. Once these documents have been shipped or emailed by the visa sponsor, the student must make sure that he/she has the following documents with her as well:
    1. Passport valid for until 6 months after end of internship
    2. 2 passport-size photos
    3. Accomplished DS-160 form
    4. Application fee receipt
    5. Proof of SEVIS fee payment
    6. Proof of foreign residency (if applicable)
    7. Documents that prove ties to home country
    8. Financial resources
    9. Resume
    10. Offer letter
    11. School transcript and Certificate of Enrollment
    12. Reference letter
    13. Certifications
  4. Student may proceed scheduling an appointment with the Embassy upon collating all the listed documents
  5. OCS will check the documents of the student one week before the appointment
  6. If granted a J-1 visa, the student would still need to attend the Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) before flying out the country
Hong Kong
  1. Once the student has been accepted, the property will directly get in touch with the student for the list of requirements they need to mail for their visa application.
    1. Training Visa Application Form
    2. Minimum Wage Ordinance Form
    3. Training Agreement
    4. Two passport size photos
    5. Passport copies (pages with personal data, and the visitor stamp showing last visit to HK, if any)
    6. Resume
    7. Latest academic result for present study
    8. Copies of previous academic certificates / transcripts and testimonials attesting to  qualifications, if any
    9. Copies of previous job reference letter attesting to work experience, if any.
    10. Documents from school requiring the student to fulfill the internship / employment verification
  2. The company will then submit the documents to Hong Kong Immigration.
  3. The company will update the student once granted a visa
  4. The company will either ship the visa or the student will pick it up in Hong Kong
  1. Purpose

    Visa application with Certificate of Eligibility [as Trainee, or as Student etc.] for the purpose of residing in Japan.

  2. Requirements

    All documents must be original unless otherwise stated.

    1. Philippine Passport
    2. Visa Application Form
    3. Photo
    4. Original and Photocopy of Certificate of Eligibility (COE)
    5. Birth Certificate
  1. Once accepted by a property in Spain, student must collate the following documents for a long stay visa application:
    1. Application form
    2. Photo
    3. Memorandum of Agreement
    4. Insurance
    5. Return ticket reservation
    6. Passport
    7. Accommodation
    8. Financial funds
    9. Certificate of Enrollment
    10. Attestation Letter from OCS
    11. Offer Letter
    12. Transcript of records
  2. Once done, student may proceed scheduling an appointment with the embassy
    OCS will check the documents once week before the schedule