Internship Seminars: Overview, Offering, Readiness

Office of Career Services
Overview Seminar

The Overview Seminar aims to explain to all students the process of internship application, eligibility in applying for an internship, pre requisites for each level of internship, expectations and limitations of the program. This seminar orients all students on how to maximize their training experience by aligning themselves with Industry Partners that reflect their interests and passion. Tips are given on how to identify the properties that might be a good match for their internship.

Offering Seminar

The Offering Seminar discusses in details the internship openings, both local and international, per property. The seminar mentions the departments per company that are hiring, package inclusions as well as the program duration. This is also the time that OCS distributes the Internship Kit which comprises of the Internship Application Form, Waiver Form, Sample CV and Sample Cover Letter.

Readiness Seminar

Also called as the Pre-Departure Orientation, the Readiness Seminar informs students of the Internship Guidelines and Requirements per level of Internship Program. These are documents the students need to submit to OCS upon completion of their required number of hours in training. The seminar also mentions about the presentation that the students have to prepare for their Internship Advisers in order to be awarded a grade from their professors. Students are also advised about the proper decorum, attitude and the legal rights of students / interns in the work place. Here, they are reminded to update their Internship Advisors on a weekly basis for any matter concerning their internship.

During the seminar OCS distributes the Commitment Form, Medical Test Endorsement from them during their training as well as what they can expect during their internship with the property.