Given the recent CHED memorandum orderwe are allowing limited face-to-face internships strictly for Hotel Administration and Culinary Arts students while we continue to implement a strictly Work From Home Internship Setup for CBTE students. More details shall be discussed during the Overview seminar happening on November 5, 2021.

Please keep in mind the following:

  1. If there are major developments, an announcement will be made which can change the current allowable parameters set by Enderun and CHED on internships.
  2. Observation of safety protocols is always a priority and students are solely responsible for enforcing these.
  3. The final decision on going to a limited face-to-face internship is always the decision of the student (and parents if underage).
Pre-registration is required to be able to get access to the Zoom link. Pre-registration does not count as attendance. Please refer to your Enderun Email for the link.

You may access the Internship Pre-Requisites to check if you are eligible to take your internship in January 2022.

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