Rationale & Process

Practical Applications

Internship Rationale

The Internship Program of Enderun Colleges focuses on developing the student’s ability to apply his academic learnings in a competitive, global working environment.  It is in line with Enderun’s Teaching Philosophy that all students are required to gain real-world experience from intensive work internships. Through the College’s network of Industry Partners, the students have the opportunity to be placed in a quality internship programs gaining valuable work experiences and professional competencies.

These internships are meant to establish genuine, hands-on learning and networking opportunities that compliment classroom perspectives and enhance student career opportunities as well as increase students’ confidence and self-awareness.


STEP 1: Sign up for Internship

During enrollment, student should notify the Office of Career Services (OCS) if they plan to take internship. (Note: Student should sign up a semester before)
Students who fail to sign up during enrollment, can visit the OCS within the semester.

STEP 2: Attend Internship OVERVIEW Seminar

Discussion on the services that OCS provides and explains the steps to be taken by the Student for the Internship Application.

Students who signed up will receive an email from the OCS regarding the dates of the Seminar.
Students are required to bring a copy of their CVs and cover letters for checking.
Students planning to take internship are REQUIRED to attend.


Internship Offerings will be announced formally during the Internship Offering Seminar.
Students may also check the Student Portal for the list.

OPTION 2: Students to look for own placement

Student should contact the company for internship application. Please notify OCS regarding application.

Once accepted by the property, student should submit the offer letter, a brief company profile and the signed IP form (you may get a copy from OCS).

OCS will then contact the property to brief them about Enderun’s Internship Program.

STEP 3: Attend the Internship Offering Seminar

Highlights the various internship opportunities available from Enderun Industry Partners .

Students are REQUIRED to attend this seminar. All the details of the internship (Company profile, positions available, documents required, and etc.) will be discussed.

Students should already have a final list of properties/companies they are planning to apply for at least a week after the said seminar (limit applications to 2 International and 5 local properties).
OCS to give the Internship Kit.

INTERNSHIP APPLICATION FORMS and WAIVERS will be given out as well (to be submitted 1 week after the offering seminar).
The list of Internship Offering will be posted in the Student Portal.

The list of Internship Offering will be posted in the Student Portal.

STEP 4: Submission of FINAL Internship Kits

Internship Kit includes signed INTERNSHIP APPLICATION FORM, WAIVER, Final CV with picture and Cover Letter. (Please note that there should be one set of CV and Cover Letter per property – so if the student applied for 6 properties, 6 sets of CV and Cover Letter should be submitted to OCS).

Students are required to submit soft copies of their CV, cover letters, and digital copies of their photos to:

Local – local.internships@enderuncolleges.com
International – international.internships@enderuncolleges.com
Subject: Company Name, Internship Application

STEP 5: Submission of Internship Applications to respective properties

OCS will be in charge of sending out the Internship Applications.
STUDENTS should check their emails regularly and/or Facebook for updates regarding their applications.

STEP 6: Attend Mock interviews

OCS to announce schedule of mock interviews.
Students interested to join may simply sign up.

STEP 7: Wait for interview schedule from the property

OCS will notify student of any interview schedule set by the properties applied for. Some properties will contact the student directly, so it ‘s a MUST that the student notifies the OCS about the said interview schedule. Interview may be via phone, Skype, or even personal.



Sign Offer letter of the Property and then submit it to OCS.
Proceed to STEP 8.

International internships

Sign Offer letter of the Property and then submit it to OCS.
Process papers for VISA/ OCS will provide the list of requirements to the student. Please note that processing of VISA is different per country so please allow ample time for this.
Attend Visa Interview.

If Visa is DENIED, Student may opt to request for second interview, or take internship next semester, or take local internship.

If Visa is APPROVED, Student must notify OCS. OCS will inform student regarding the next steps to take. (Requirement varies per country) Once student completed all the processes, PROCEED TO STEP 8.

STEP 8: Attend Internship Readiness Seminar

Will discuss the training program/commitment form.

Submit Commitment Form with Parent’s/Guardian Signature.
OCS will give out Referral Form slip (to be given to the Clinic) for drug testing.

STEP 9: Enlist and enroll for Internship

Follow normal enrollment procedure. Students should pick an internship adviser upon enrollment and inform the registrar.

OCS will note in the student’s clearance form if confirmed for internship.

STEP 10: Meeting with Internship Advisor

Students are required to set a pre-internship advising session with assigned advisor, if possible.
If student cannot set a personal meeting, student should send an introductory email to advisor:
Company Profile, position assigned, schedule of work, name of immediate supervisor and such.

STEP 11: Start with Internship!

Student must comply with weekly journal reports as required by the OCS to be submitted via email to the advisor and OCS official email.