Internship Report Guidelines

  1. Internship Reports should be hardbound and should consist of at least 20 pages of text (excluding appendices).
  2. Internship Reports should be hardbound and should consist of at least 20 pages of text (excluding appendices).
  3. Compile all your journal entries, as you will be submitting these at the end of your internship program.

Also, as discussed during the readiness seminar, you are required to create a (PowerPoint) presentation detailing your experiences and learning obtained from your internship. You may limit your Powerpoint presentation to the following questions:

  1. What did you do? (job description and responsibilities)
  2. How did you do? (results, challenges and accomplishments)
  3. What did you learn? (lessons learned)
  4. Would you recommend your company to other interns? Why or why not?

Aside from the presentation, you are required to submit the following documents:

  1. Two (2) copies of evaluation forms—completed and signed by your supervisors, and sealed in two separate envelopes.
  2. Internship Report (please follow the revised Internship Report Guidelines that the Career Services Team has provided you with – we also have attached the said files)
  3. Typewritten weekly updates representing the entire duration of the internship program following the guidelines provided by the Career Services office.
  4. At least 10 high-resolution pictures taken during the course of your training (for local and international interns) and another 10 day-off, non-working, casual pictures (for international interns ONLY) all saved in a CD.
  5. 3-minute video featuring “A day in the Life of an Intern”.
  6. Thank you note addressed to your supervisors
  7. A letter addressed to future interns
  8. Photocopy of Certificate of Training Completion signed by the company representative or supervisor.
  9. Post evaluation forms which you fill-up in the career services office after your reporting.
  10. Soft Copies of the Internship Report, photos and the Weekly Journal Entries (please send the email to

Subject Title should be – Last, Name, First Name – Internship Report Requirements)