College of International Hospitality Management

Culinary Arts

Undergraduate Courses

Internship II (400 Hours minimum) 

The student is encouraged to carry out this internship within the structures of an international hotel. The student has the option to choose from the following department

  • Culinary
  • F&B Service and Administration
  • Public Relations
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Human Resources

Ideally taken on the summer after the 2nd year. Completion of the following PRE-REQUISITES is required.

Course Code Description
TT101 Principles of International Tourism & Hospitality
HA201 Front Office Procedures
F&B 120 F&B Service Procedures
CA ADF101 Introduction to Culinary Arts
F&B 101 Hygiene and Sanitation
Certificate Courses
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Hotel Administration

Undergraduate Courses

Internship II ( 400 hours)  

This internship program is designed to provide a forum where students can apply
managerial concepts and acquire hands on experience necessary to qualify for a
supervisory role in the industry . Students ideally are exposed to managerial
tasks and works closely with the supervisor. Student has an option to choose
from the following departments:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Human Resources
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Rooms Division
  • Finance and Accounting

Ideally taken during the senior year upon completion of the following PRE REQUISITES:

* Completion of INTERNSHIP I
* MGT220 Principles of Management

Certificate Courses