Resume and Cover Letter Writing

Tips in Cover Letter Writing

Cover letters are used to introduce oneself to the employer and reveals interest in the position being applied for and the applicant’s knowledge, skills and attitude that will be helpful for the job. It can motivate employers to read the applicant’s resume as it reveals personality of the applicant as well as skills and professionalism.

  • Research On The Employer
    Before you can write a cover letter that targets the job you want, you need to know what the employer’s goals are.
  • Start Your Cover Letter or Cover Email With a Greeting
    Know how to address the recruiter or employer, even when you don’t know his or her name.
  • The Lead Line
    The first sentence needs to grab the reader and reel him in. Here are some good ideas for doing just that.
  • The Sales Pitch
    Learn ways to write a pitch that shows your professional value.
  • The Closer
    End your letter on a note that makes the employer want to call you for an interview.
  • Your Cover Letter Sign Off
    This isn’t brain surgery, but you want to be sure to do it right.
  • Proofread Your Cover Letter Carefully
    A typo in your letter can kill your chance for the job. Follow this tip for a perfect letter.

Suggested formula for Cover Letter Writing


(Full name of Recipient)
(Name of Establishment)
(Address of Establishment)

Dear Mr / Mrs ______________,

First Paragraph:

  • Introduction: Name, Degree and Specialization / Expected Year of Graduation
  • Specify the position that you’re applying for / type of position that you are seeking
  • Indicate how you found out about the opening

Second Paragraph:

  • This is where you communicate why the employer should consider you for an interview
  • Elaborate on one or two of your main qualifications (based on experience) which you think would be of relevance or great interest to your employer
  • Point out if you already have had related experiences or specialized training / certification suitable for the position
  • Remember to refer to the attached / enclosed resume

Third Paragraph:

  • Close by restating how interested you are in the position and that you would very much appreciate it if they can schedule you for an interview
  • Say your thanks


(Your Full Name)